Meeting the Others 

“Guys where are you?”

“We’re at baggage claim number 6”

“Ok, I’ll be there soon.”

So I had been talking to WJMC correspondents over the group chat and we all have a good little bit in common: we are all pretty laid back, we are all still a little uncertain about our futures, and we are all unique and somewhat geeky in our own ways. I walk into the DCA airport baggage claim 6, and I spot a REALLY tall man in a green shirt herding this little group of confused kids in black shirts wandering around like nerdy little sheep. Black sheep to be exact. A good majority of us come from small towns and you could already tell many of us were the outsiders, the social pariahs, the ones who just don’t quite fit in with the typical social butterflies. But, oddly enough, put that many awkward, nerdy, really not sociable or self confident people together, and they really come out of their shells! It’s actually quite amazing watching people who typically panic around strangers, or just not used to having this many intelligent people around them at once flower open and become energetic and talkative! No one is left out here, and in 2 days, I’ve already made a ton of friends. My squad is the Green Gang, which we call “Gang Green. WE’RE INFECTIOUS”. Honestly, there is such a great diversity here. Just in my little group alone, you’ve got the sporty people, the picky eaters, the germaphobes, the nerds, the socially anxious, the loud, the quiet, the different sexualities, the different genders, the twisted sense of humored ones, the innocent, the not-so-innocent, just so many genuine REAL people. We all get along great! No one is ignored or pushed away, and we engage in intelligent debates where we try to understand other points of view and agree to disagree if the situation calls for it. There are no fights, no hostility, no rudeness. Everyone is treated like an equal. I love the fact that such a diverse group can get over each own’s differences and get along so well. 

Photo in our “Gang Green” group chat taken at the Newseum in D.C.


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